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Rates for Counseling Services

Often meeting our basic needs and other financial goals can consume us especially if we are not born into privilege or have endured challenging life circumstances that leave us financially stretched. I strive to provide affordable counseling service for couples, those in relationship, and individuals. My hope is that we can remove financial barrier from helping you achieve the authenticity and security you desire in your life.


  • 55 minute session – $140
  • 75 minute session – $175


  • 55 minute session – $145
  • 75 minute session – $185

Affordable Counseling

You work hard for your money and our society often makes it difficult to afford our basic needs. I commit to keep my general rates affordable as I have such a passion and believe in the power of counseling that I want everyone to have access to it. Counseling can be necessary to feel safe and regulated in your day to day life and can be an investment to find deeper connection to yourself and others. I offer a few sliding scale slots to those that cannot afford my general rates. These rates can get as low as $65 per session.  Please call or email to discuss details and availability. 

I encourage anyone who is curious about or desiring counseling and cannot afford these rates to find a way to experience the power and beauty of counseling. There are even lower cost options in the surrounding areas I encourage you to look into. One organization that offers affordable counseling is a non-profit organization that is close to my heart. People House offers sessions as low as $20-$40 per session! See more at


I accept all health savings account (HSA) and flex spending account (FSA) credit and debit cards. I do not accept Medicaid and I chose to not work with insurance providers for various reasons you are welcome to ask about. I will provide any documentation required for you to obtain out of network insurance benefits if that is desirable for you.